Training Philosophy

We believe it is important to build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that you will utilize and build on throughout your flying career. Our goal is to produce a well-rounded pilot and to help you attain a level of proficiency and confidence needed to gain valuable experience. Over the years we have developed a methodical training program and a comprehensive syllabus which allows us to efficiently and effectively direct our students through the training process.

For building glider management you need to develop muscle memory, this is accomplished through repetition in a variety of sites and conditions, with preset goals and constructive feedback. We will thoroughly discuss the flight plan prior to each flight, and confirm that you are comfortable with the flight. We utilize radios during student flights to give reminders and guidance during various exercises.

We have a standardized and structured program, though because of the variety in schedules, and the pace and style of learning, we tailor the program based on your schedule and needs as a student, as well as the constraints of weather.