Mini Wings

Mini Wings are the latest evolution of paragliding. For years manufacturers have been obsessed with higher glide ratios and speed as the yardsticks for performance. A short while back we started seeing small wings that were meant for descents primarily using skis. Similar in some respects to a skydiving canopy in design, however these wings handle a whole lot better, and have resulted in a broad range of wings to fit different flight scenarios, from pure high speed descents, to soaring in higher winds than were previously possible.

Currently we can only train someone on a mini wing that holds a P2 rating from the USHPA. The rating you will receive is a specialty skill sign off (M1, M2) in addition to your P2. It's possible to go straight from P2 training with our school then move directly onto the mini or hybrid wings from there, although flying paragliders for a year or so is a much safer progression. The cost of the M1/M2 training will depend on your previous experience in paragliding or skydiving. Please contact us for more information.

We carry a range of different mini-wings to try, and have several training options available that will help you approach the sport in a fun, safe manner that keeps you flying for many years. Whether you are an experienced paraglider pilot, skydiver, or completely new to the sport, Aerial Paragliding can get you dialed in!